My Goodies

Hello, this page is currently scrawny, but will grow quickly once I start churning out final pages on my coloring book. Certain things like the photosynthesis spread will be offered as freebies, for sure. Right now I’m still researching, drafting, and planning my layout. I have a few early experimental coloring pages you can have, though. There’s also a care sheet for Venus flytraps. Right click to download.

I also have a few desktop wallpapers, little seamless tiles that amuse me.

And, of course, I have a store with some of my artwork on merchandise. I release designs weekly, but I have a post with a gallery of upcoming designs, if you see something you want on an item, let me know. The items below are a few of the designs already available for purchase. I would like to sell mugs, but it seems Redbubble mugs don’t hold up very well, so they are disabled on my designs. If you know of a custom print mug service that you have had good luck with, please let me know!