My Goodies

Here is where I have to show you what I have to offer you. As I am working on a coloring book, there will naturally be a few coloring pages available here. Click the link below the image, the images are just previews, the files are large for printing.

A sketch/draft of my first page.
Venus Flytrap over their native pine savannas.
Something I made when I was still turning the whole “coloring book about swamp ecology” thing over in my head.

Care sheets for carnivorous plants will be found here. I’ve been growing flytraps for a while, but am still learning how to care for my new little bog. Because of who I am and how I learn, designing and distributing free printable care sheets is just going to happen. Right now I only have a flytrap care sheet available, I’m spending a little more time with my pitcher plants and sundews before I write about them.

I also have a few desktop wallpapers, little seamless tiles that amuse me. These are full size, right click to download.

I have albums on Flickr that serve both as a visual record of my plants, and a potential source of free stock photography (with attribution, please). Photos I put up on Flickr aren’t altered, so you can edit them to suit your needs.

If you just like looking at pictures of carnivorous plants, I have an Instagram account where I try to turn my photos into art, playing with photo stacking and whatnot. Now, my camera is a camcorder with a cheap little macro lens, so my photos are a little limited, if I get 1,000 Instagram followers, negotiations with my partner begin for a more professional camera. So, go take a look and follow if you think I should have one.

And, of course, I have a store with some of my artwork on merchandise. This includes an item more geared toward design than carnivorous plants, this post about my sample palette explains it. Here are some of the items you can find there. Except for mugs. I disabled those because both myself and a friend had issues with the designs peeling off. This is unacceptable. I really want to design my own mugs, designing notebooks is fun, but mugs are just cool. I want one of my repeating flytrap motif in china blue, it’s just not fair. If you know of a reliable custom mug service that makes durable products, please let me know.